Emotron drives help reduce downtime at NSR biogas plant in Sweden

Based in Helsingborg, Sweden, NSR have long been leaders in waste digestion and composting. Their first biogas plant was commissioned in 1996, and over almost two decades, NSR developed extensive expertise in the field. Today, their focus is on finding the best methods for biological treatment, and, in particular, developing biogas production. Biogas, unlike fossil fuel, is carbon neutral.

Doubled biogas production imposes tough demands

Following a major expansion in 2014; NSR opened a new biogas plant including new sanitation works, a gas purification plant and a biogas reactor. In this project, they focussed on maintaining a high and consistent feed of substrate (organic waste) to the microbiological process, in order to optimise biogas production in both the old (3 000 m3) and new (6 000 m3) reactors.

Photo above: Studio-E, Sweden

Emotron drives and softstarters contribute to plant reliability

Their success in this endeavour can be attributed to two things: a deep experience and knowledge of microbiology and an ability to maintain the feed of substrate, despite downtime in parts of the system. The latter is possible because the biogas plant is equipped with various different options for pumping substrate.

“Downtime in the plant can mean big losses, and must therefore be eliminated,” says NSR’s plant manager Markus Möller. Emotron drives and softstarters, such as Emotron MSE, MSF, TSA HF, UF, FDU and FDU 2.0, provided by CG Drives & Automation make a vital contribution in this area. NSR’s biogas plant has installed the Emotron products as they deliver long-term round-the-clock reliability and efficiency. Moreover, Anders Robertsson, Service Technician at CG Drives & Automation, backs the installation with 24-hour support.

Maximum production after 2 months

Both reactors achieved maximum production just two months after the graft was filled and substrate pumping started. Currently, about 20m3 substrate (and almost as much again in the form of bio-fertilizer) is pumped daily. The biogas plant has doubled its capacity, without a concomitant increase in onsite storage volume. This requires good planning, co-operation with customers and carriers, and control of the entire material flow.

Good service and support are essential

There are several reasons why NSR chose to work with CG Drives & Automation. Firstly, their long business relationship with the company, and secondly, the supplier’s excellent record in equipment and service. “We are very pleased with the support and service CG Drives & Automation has provided over the years,” says Marcus Möller. (Photo)

In brief

Customer: NSR Biogas Plant, Helsingborg, Sweden
Challenge: To double the capacity and maintain the pumping of substrate 24/7 despite downtime
Solution:  A number of Emotron MSE, MSF, TSA HF, UF, FDU and FDU 2.0


  • Reliable 24/7 operation and peace of mind for NSR
  • Improved efficiency and energy savings