Now a complete Emotron VFX/ FDU IP20/21 drive range!

The new Emotron VFX/ FDU IP20/21 drive range, from CG Drives & Automation, is based on the globally well proven range of IP54 and IP20 units, Emotron VFX and Emotron FDU.

A robust mechanical design, easy access to connection terminals and a high level of component integration have been key objectives in the development. The new series includes standard features like:

  • Direct Torque Control – for superior motor control
  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy access to connection terminals & removable control panel
  • Temperature/speed controlled cooling fans. (not size A3)
  • High level of component integration with few internal connections
  • Built-in brake chopper for sizes A3, B3 and C3, 0.75-15 kW, (optional on other models)
  • Standard software functions like PID process regulator

Multiple pump control and Load monitor makes our AC drives unique and optimal for powering your world. The IP20/21 series of drives are optimised for mounting in electrical cabinets (IP20) or directly on a control room wall (IP21) and cover powers up to 132 kW. For decentralised applications and harsh environment though, the company recommends their IP54 units of the same series. Emotron FDU and Emotron VFX AC drives are available for motor powers up to 3.000 kW.