Our contribution to sustainability and to meeting the Paris COP21 targets

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference has concluded in Paris. Known as COP21, it negotiated a historic and unprecedented global agreement that aims to reduce climate change. The main target is to limit global warming to less than 2 °C relative to pre-industrial levels. Now that this important new framework is in place, we are looking forward to putting our weight behind working with cities, politicians and other companies to extend the use of energy saving solutions that benefit both the climate and the economy.

Underlying all this work is the idea of energy sustainability, which is where CG Drives & Automation can make a major contribution as a greentech company. As a business, we put all our energy into saving yours. This is not an empty slogan, but honestly reflects our core drive: improving energy efficiency in industrial processes to reduce both their consumption of electrical energy and their overall carbon footprint.

Our Emotron solutions not only save energy, but also reduce dependence on fossil fuels and, hence, also reduce carbon emissions. The cost savings and environmental advantages benefit both our customers and society as a whole.

We constantly invest in innovation and product development across many application areas to meet the challenges our customers and, indeed, all of us face. We invest to make a difference, and you will find us doing precisely that wherever our Emotron solutions are used.

To provide a couple of examples, our variable-speed drives are improving oxygenation during the biological treatment of wastewater, and we are doubling the capacity of a municipal groundwater pumping station while saving energy. The energy savings gained through using AC drives for speed control in pump applications instead of throttling valve controls, can typically be around 50%. With Emotron FlowDrive for controlling waste water pump stations, you save up to 30% compared to on/off control.

Let us help you save costs and the environment; if we work dedicatedly together, we will succeed in meeting the ambitious targets set in Paris.

We put all our energy into saving yours!

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