Water levelling with Emotron VFD and fish friendly pump

As the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard water board needed to replace the pump in Lekdijk-West in Bergambacht they found the ideal solution using a fish-friendly pump with a permanent magnet electric motor and Emotron AFE variable speed drive feeding generated energy directly back to the grid.

Solution for fish migration

The pump was primarily remodeled to solve a fish migration bottleneck. 1 of the 2 existing pumps was replaced by a pump where the concrete casing was replaced by a pump block of a larger size. The pump has a capacity of 200m3 per minute and drains a large part of the Krimpenerwaard.

After completion, the pump was tested for fish safety for both draining and turbine operation. The pump has proved to be very fish-safe for both draining and turbining.

Generating energy

The new pumping station is also designed as a turbine in which water is admitted through the pump to generate energy. The generated energy is fed back to the grid via the Emotron AFE (Active front end) variable frequency drive VFXR 2.1.+

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